Weekly Workouts and other musings July 20-26 #MomsWhoSwing

This week I saw HUGE gains in my overall strength. While I'm still quite injured on my left knee and right heel, my body is really starting to change. I'm noticing a lot of definition in my shoulders and pecs as well as my thighs and quads.

This week also saw us celebrating my son's 8th birthday. How is he 8 already? I have no idea where the time has gone.

Here's how my week went.

Sunday-Rest Day. Well, as much rest as one can have when hosting a birthday party for a pair of Irish Twins. We celebrated Ella's 9th birthday and Ronin's 8th birthday, with about 2 dozen of their friends. We had a water slide from GulfSide Slides (mention you know me for a 10% discount.) We were able to keep this slide for OVER 24 hours. The #TampaTrio had a blast!!

Steps: 19,176

Monday-KB Challenge Day 14. 

I swung at home because we were waiting for the slide dude to come and pick up his stuff. Afterwards the kids and I drove down to St. Pete to be fitted for our new Yuba Bike. At first we thought we would go with the Boda Boda, but after discussing with the shop what we'd be doing, the size of my kids, etc., we decided that the Mundo would actually be a better fit. I'll be able to hold at least 2 kids, groceries, library books, and more. It's our plan to ride our bikes to school next year, and I want to make sure I can assist the kids by holding their backpacks, and perhaps we'll alternate days on who gets to ride with mama.

While we were in St. Pete we decided to visit a local park and have a picnic.

It was a really nice day, though I was sad that I didn't get to come home with my bike.

Steps: 12,868

Calories: 365

Tuesday-KB Day 15. I made it to the gym and did my swinging there.

My son's first grade teacher just joined CrossFit En Fuego, so I spent some time during my last round chatting with her. It was nice to have a quick catch-up.

Later that afternoon the kids and I went to the pool. It was a nice day.

Steps: 12,333

Calories: 330

Wednesday-KB Challenge Day 16.

This was a great day. Not only did I swing, but my son learned how to swing a kettlebell, too. He was a natural. I think all the time he's spent watching me really paid off!!

He told me he felt very strong, and loved working out just like his mama!

My last set of swings I used a 45# bell! Bam!! 100 swings at 45 pounds!! I felt strong! See, I told you I was making progress!!

And then later that afternoon I was so bored, and the kids didn't want to play any games, or go to the pool, or do anything fun, so I swung again!! I was trying to find my "sweet spot" of a 50:50 work to rest ratio. I didn't find it that night, but it gave me a big push for the next workout!

Steps: 13,538

Calories: 915

Thursday-REST DAY. Well, as much as one can rest when taking 3 kids to Busch Gardens! Tongue Out My rest days really aren't full of much rest, are they??

But what's most exciting is that for the FIRST time, all 3 of my kids were tall enough for every single "big kid" roller coaster!! And boy oh boy did they ever do them all!

They rode Kumba, Montu, Cheetah Hunt, and Sherika MULTIPLE TIMES!! I joined them a few times, but riding over and over and over really isn't my thing anymore. It was when I was their age, but not at nearly 43.

It really was a great day, despite having all the rides close on us multiple times because of rain (thunder, lightning) and we left at just the perfect time to make it home for the husband to be able to take the truck for his bike ride. See, he rides a recumbent bike, so he needs the bed of our truck to transport his bike to the trailhead. If I'm not home, I mess up his exercise, and he doesn't mess up mine, so why would I want to mess up his. So the kids and I do everything in our power to make sure that we're home in time for him to get his sweat on.

Steps: 19,545

Friday-KB Challenge Day 17. This was a big day for me!! I went in planning a EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout. I wanted to find that perfect 50:50 ratio, and from playing around earlier in the week, I was confident I could find it with a 45# kettlebell. I also wanted to try something a little different so instead of breaking the sets up like I had been 10/1, 15/2, 25/3, and 50, I decided to do 35 minutes EMOM with 15 swings in 30ish seconds.

And guess what?

Though I messed up on the timing, so apparently 36 minutes actually means 37 minutes of work, so instead of 500 swings, I did 555 swings.

Such a perfect mix of strength and cardio! BAM!!

And then later that night.....my birthday present arrived!!

I ended up ordering the bells from Amazon because I could get more bang for my buck, and since I don't have a job, it makes sense to be frugal where I can.

I still plan to go to CrossFit En Fuego for the majority of my workouts, but for those days when I can't, it's nice to know that I have NO EXCUSES!!!

Steps: 14,283

Calories: 492

Saturday-REST DAY. Or as much as one can rest when taking the Tampa Trio to Rainbow Springs State Park.

We went up with Ronin's CubScout pack, and several families weren't able to get in because the park filled to capacity very quickly, so that was a big bummer.  But we tubed, we swam, and then we decided to head over to the Rainbow River trailhead. Again, it was filled to capacity, and they were turning away the cars in front of us, including 2 members of our CubScout pack that we were following!! As we pulled up, I rolled down my window to ask for directions to US19 because I was going to take the kids to Crystal River to go to the park that we went to on Father's Day. As I spoke, she said to me, "no reason to go there, we have spaces here" and she let us in! SAY WHAT?? I'll have a full review of the park later, but it was nice. There were some issues, so I want to make sure I let you all know about them so you won't have the same experience that we did!!

Steps: 13,101

Total Weekly Steps: 105,473

How was your week? Do your "rest days" end up not being restful??

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  • I love the kickstand on the Mundo. I've been wanted one just like it for my recumbent. I
  • Yes! You switched to the Mundo.  You will not regret it.  My kids are smaller than your kids and that's what I got.  Smile Also, I didn't know there were "waterfalls" in Florida.  That's a beautiful picture of your kids in Rainbow River.  It reminds me of El Yunque in Puerto Rico.
  • I've never tried kettlebells but I think it is so cool that your kids are doing it too!  

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