Weekly Workouts, Yuba Bike, and the beach July 27-August 2

July is OVER!! It was a very busy month for us with a vacation to Jekyll Island, GA, and the birthday of my Irish Twins, Ella and Ronin.

July saw the end of two big fitness challenges for me.

First was my 10,000 Swing Kettlebell Challenge. I recapped that all HERE. And it also marked the end of my 400,000 steps in July walking challenge.

Yup, I made it. By over 85,000 steps. Not too shabby for being injured. 20 inactivity alerts also isn't too shabby, that's less than 1 per day and considering I spent quite a bit of time in the car, I'll take it.

The last week of July looked like this for me:

Sunday-REST DAY. Otherwise known as mowing the lawn day. We live on a 1/3 of an acre, with a nice sloping backyard, so mowing the lawn is always quite the workout for me. I love it.

I had walked over 13,000 steps before 1pm. Surprised We went out for dunch at the Olive Garden, and I took it easy the rest of the day.

Steps: 18,250

Calories: 755

Monday-KB Challenge Day 18. I was having some major issues with all my Polar heart rate transmitters. None of my bluetooth transmitters wanted to be picked up by my Loop or FT60. I kept switching them out, kept getting myself more and more worked up, and at one point, I nearly threw in the towel and decided to throw this workout to the birds. But then I realized how silly that sounded when I said it out loud. While I prefer to train with a HRM, I don't HAVE to. I did finally get my hard coded T31 to talk to my FT60, but it was inaccurate, but at least it gave me some data. 

Really not sure what the kids and I did the rest of the day. Probably went to the pool, or something. No clue.

Steps: 9,849 (what??? Below 10,000 that NEVER happens!!)

Calories: 280


Tuesday-KB Challenge Day 19. I really worked hard!!

In fact I worked so hard I think I was in a post-workout coma!

After my workout the kids and I went down to the Bike Room in St. Pete to pick up our new Yuba Bike!!

And while the bike is big enough and strong enough to carry the #TampaTrio, I will never ride with all 3 of them. It's just too dangerous like that.

When we got the bike home, we were so excited that we immediately took it out for a ride!! Ella got to ride on the back of the bike, and we went up to the library and the park, and then we got rained on on the way home! But no worries! The Yuba came with water resistant saddlebags so all our books stayed nice and dry!

Riding Sapphire, (what we  named our Mundo) is quite the workout. The bike is heavy, and then carrying gear and children makes it even heavier. I was feeling every little change in altitude, which honestly was probably only a foot or so. I think I need to check to make sure the back brakes aren't engaged because it almost feels like I'm riding with the brakes on. Surprised

Steps: 11,703

Calories: 459

Wednesday-KB Challenge Day 20!!! The last day of my KB Challenge! Wow! Time flies!!

I felt a little sad when it was all said and done. My foot and knee are no where near ready to resume to my regularly scheduled WOD's, and I wasn't sure I wanted to complete the same challenge again. In fact, I'm still sort of stuck in limbo right now. And I hate that.

After the WOD the kids and I went up to the pool. On the bike.

This time it was Ronin's turn on the back and we also took the cooler, 2 pool noodles, and 4 towels. And still had room to spare!! AMAZING bike!!

Steps: 15,100

Calories: 620

Thursday-REST DAY!! It was spur of the moment, but I decided to take the kids to a new to us beach. We went up to Fred Howard Park and it was AMAZING!!  I honestly don't think I'll ever go to another beach again. It was close, it was not crowded, the walk from the parking lot to the beach was not long at all, there were bathrooms, showers, and the abundance of sea life was AWESOME!!

The kids caught sea stars, spider crabs, comb jelly fish, and attempted to catch dozens and dozens of needle fish.

I had packed us a nice lunch, and despite the flocks of laughing gulls that kept trying to steal our food, we managed to keep them away, and enjoyed a very nice day. After the beach we stopped at a playground at the park so the kids could burn off even more energy.

It was a GREAT day!

Steps: 14,958

Friday-KB Challenge Round 2 day 1. I decided to go ahead and swing again on Friday. I looked at all the WOD's from the week (Friday is make-up day) and I thought I'd need to modify too much, so might as well swing. It was a stressful morning at the gym. Originally I had planned to swing at home since the kids were still sleeping when I would normally start preparing to leave, but then they woke up, and Ronin BEGGED to go. He was insistent that he didn't want to miss his CrossFit Kids class.

Well, this is what happened:

No triggers, nothing to set him off, but suddenly he was just overwhelmed by everything around him. He just needed to be near me. I'm so thankful for my gym CrossFit En Fuego that understands that fitness is a FAMILY affair, so no questions asked, everyone just went about their workouts, being cautious for the little bundle on the floor. And I managed to get my workout in, too.

I spent the rest of the day SCHOOL SHOPPING (saving over $250!!) and that evening giving my kids rides around the block on Sapphire.

Steps: 15,565

Calories: 588

Saturday-CROSSFIT WOD!!! I went into the gym really determined that I was going to do the WOD. And you know what?? I DID!!!

After our WOD was over, I still had quite a bit of energy left in the tank, so I joined the Premier class for Death by Slam Balls Tongue Out And I was the last one standing. I guess all those modifications of slam balls instead of double unders, and the 11,000+ kettlebell swings really have paid off in my upper body strength!! Woohoo!!

And then I came home, ate some food, and decided I needed to go out and do more active stuff. So I loaded up Ronin on the bike and we went out geocaching!

It was HOT. Oh so hot. Thankfully my bike can hold plenty of water!! Wink

I also decided to wear my Polar HRM so I could see how hard I was really working. And I was working hard.

That is an actual burn during biking ONLY. I paused the watch while we were geocaching, when we stopped at Sonic for a limeaide, and when I took Ronin to the park on the way home. We were out for 3 hours, but I only spent 1:23 of it actually pedaling.

It was a very active day!!

Steps: 10,946. I must say again that I really hate how my Loop does not pick up activity done on the bike. My H7 was also giving me grief and would not sync to my Loop. ARGH!!

Calories: 1,110

So not a bad week for me.

How was your week? Have you ever seen a cargo bike before??

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  • Wow! You got all the extras on your yuba! Nice.  I need to order the saddle bags and the yuba stand.  I have just a regular one, trying to save some money, but it's not really sturdy.  I considered getting the bars for my girls, but I was unsure as to how they would climb up there.  Are your kids climbing up on it by themselves or are you having to lift them?  I know I couldn't lift my girls in there.
  • Great workouts ad great job on your Kettlebell challenge! I missed what happened to your knee, but I hope you are healing and able to get back to your WODs.

    That bike is INSANE! What the heck?! It's like a burro with wheels. LOL You are becoming a pack mule with  wheels. Wink Glad you and the kids are enjoying it! I know you will spend a lot of time on it.
  • Xiomara, my kids can climb up on their own, but I can lift them if I had to. It's super super sturdy with the double kickstand! I love it!!
  • Denise, I'm not totally sure what I did to my knee. At first I thought it was over compensation from wearing a boot for the plantar fasciitis, but now I'm thinking that's not it. I think I might just have super super tight calf muscles and hip flexors. I haven't been able to get my normal massages during the summer, so I think that I'm just tight!

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