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8. August 2014 12:23
by jennifer

#ReThinkYourDay with a Polar Loop Giveaway

8. August 2014 12:23 by jennifer | 89 Comments

It's no secret that I love all my Polar products. They were, and are, the most important pieces of fitness technology that I own. Today, August 8th is my 43rd birthday, and I'm sharing some Polar Love!!

The Loop especially has become my favorite gadget. I love how it keeps me on my daily goal with a quick flick of a button. Even on days when I don't think I'm being especially active, the Loop is teaching me to #ReThinkMyDay.

Spending the day with the #TampaTrio at the beach was more active than I thought!! And mowing my lawn takes on a whole new meaning when I see how many steps I move while doing it!

But the Loop does more than just track my steps. It is a 24/7 Activity Tracker. Polar Loop keeps track of every step, jump and run. Climb the stairs. Ride the waves. Jump over the fence. Choose what makes you move. Polar Loop tracks all the choices you make during the day and shows how they’re good for you. It also reminds you when you’ve been still for too long. Living an active life has never been this fun and easy. Check the Polar Flow web service and learn how all your small choices and daily habits can make a world of difference.

The Activity Guide shows how active you've been during the day. It also tells you how much you need to do to reach the global recommendations for physical activity. With practical guidance like ‘walk for 50 minutes or jog for 20 minutes’ you can choose how to reach your daily activity goal. Meet your goal faster with more intense activities or stay active at a slightly more moderate pace throughout the day.

The most accurate calorie counter on the market calculates the number of calories burned. Calculation is based on your individual data: your weight, height, age, gender and the intensity of physical activity. Smart Calories are available in heart rate monitors and activity trackers.

I also LOVE how the Polar Loop starts tracking your sleep time automatically when you lie down and your body movements slow. The Polar Flow mobile app and web service tell you how much you slept in total and how restful your sleep was. By showing you the amount of restful versus restless sleep, it gives you a detailed look into how you sleep at night so you can see if it's affected by any changes in your daily life.

The Polar Loop also measures the distance you move throughout the day based on your activity. The Polar Flow mobile app and web service tell you how many kilometers or miles you've covered. The distance is measured based on your body movement.

And Polar wants to give one of my readers/followers a Loop of their very own!!

You can check out more about the Loop here And enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! US addresses only, please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The formatting of the blog post won't allow me to enter the contest and I've been really wanting to try the Loop.


Yes, I see that Katie. So weird. Not quite sure how to fix it!

I'm running it through my FB page too, so maybe enter through there?

Ashley Barnes

I've been looking into getting some kind of activity monitor. This sounds awesome!


I would wear the Black currant

Liz Lynch

I would pick Black Currant

Debra Nettleton

my favorite color would be currant!

Sarah Deschaine

I would choose Black Currant.

Tif Calder

Any color! But mostly the Black Currant.

Marissa McKenna

I'd wear the Misty Blue. I was able to enter via your FB page. Maybe your 'Recent Activity' plugin/widget is acting up?


This is awesome!  I don't have anything like this yet so winning one would be a great way to try it out!

Lindsey Schutze

I think Black Currant looks sleek & gorgeous. ;) Happy happy birthday!


Any color would be great but I think I'd have to go with smokey black as the first choice!


Misty Blue

Tammy Bilodeau

Oh I'd love one of these! My Polar  FT7 crashed on me and I haven't replaced it. Frown thanks for the opportunity and you can't go wrong with black I'd say!

kimberly webb edwards

black currant

Erica Acotanza

I'd like either of them, but the black currant would be my preference.  Crossing my fingers!

Tina S.

I would choose Black Currant.
Thank you Jenny & Polar for the Loop giveaway!

Julie Jencks

Definitely the Currant Smile  Happy Birthday to you!!!


First off- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Smile
Second- Blackcurrant!

Thanks for choosing to celebrate with your virtual friends, too!


First off- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Smile
Second- Blackcurrant!

Thanks for choosing to celebrate your birthday with your virtual friends, too!  

Lynne Hinkle

Thank you for doing this giveaway! I would love the black current one! Have a great birthday!

Christine Prosser

I would like black currant.  Just started Boot Camp classes and strength training - looking forward to seeing the stats!

Christine Prosser

Black; I just started doing boot camp classes and strength training - looking forward to seeing the stats!

Melissa Macke


Happy Birthday!

VaNessa Brooks-Crow

Black Currant for sure!  Happy Birthday and thanks to you and Polar for the Giveaway!



Lyndi Malarchuk

I love the Misty Blue, but I think I love the Black Currant just a little bit more.  Thanks!!

Jamie Nestrick



Black current.

Margaret Walter

Happy Birthday!!!  I hope I win!!!


Great giveaway and review

Jen l

Black current please. Soooo pretty and functional

Elizabeth Smith

I would want the black currant!

camille henderson

I would like black

Jennifer Davis

I would pick the currant love that shade.

Janice McDaniels

Black currant.

Jill McNeil

Ohhhhh misty blue. Sounds like a happy color.

Janna Nelsonjan

Have been looking for something like this.

Petra Lopez

I would not care what color, surprise me;)


I love the black currant - so pretty!  I love my Loop but it ended up wrecked from bug spray and now I can't see it as well... Frown

Amber Hady

Misty blue! Hope you had a great bday!


Misty blue!

Lisa Jones

Black currant!

stacey h

i really like the 'misty blue' - thanks for the great giveaway


Blue been dying to try one of these!

Sue-Anne Evans

Black Currant

Sue-Anne Evans

Black Currant

Amy O

Black Currant

Betty N

I think a Polar loop would be a great way to track activity. I also like that it tracks sleep. I know I need more sleep, so this might help me get back on track!

Betty N

I would choose the currant, it looks great!

Alyssa McVey

I think I would choose the Misty Blue. Gotta have some color!

Megan Millsaps

I would love black currant!

Megan Millsaps

I would love black currant!

Jessica Taylor

I like the Misty Blue Smile

April Hammond

I would choose Misty Blue!

Kim H.



I think I would go with the Black Currant!


I would choose Black! It will go with most of my workout outfits plus more casual days!


I would love that blue one!
Love the blog too!

PAM Gordon

I would chose black currant


Misty Blue!


Black currant would be my choice!


Misty blue!!


Misty Blue!!



Kelly gott

Black currant please!

Ruth Fuchs

It doesn't matter what color. I would love to have a loop.

kim smalley

I would choose the blue but it really doesn't matter what color.  I Would love to win!  

Madelyn Towe

Ohhhhhh, black currant! It sounds so mysterious! (:

sierra schaffer

black currant !! I would love the loop !

Kathi Seidl-Deschand

Black current!

Holly Franklin

Misty Blue would be the one for me!!

Holly Franklin

Misty blue is the one for me!!


I love love love my green polar watch and have been dying for a loop!! I would pick black currant so it matches everything and it looks super sleek!

Amy Riffe

I have a jawbone up but it is always breaking on me. This would be fabulous! It doesn't matter what color I have but I really want annoyed by the jawbone. Definitely do not recommend the UP.


I would do the black currant. I have been wanting a loop for some time. it's just not in the budget.

Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

I love the black!!  I need one of these to keep me active!


I have the original black but would love the black current!!! I would have waited if I had known it was coming out.  

Amanda Whitley

i would choose the misty blue one

Amanda Whitley

i would choose the misty blue one


I am undecided on color at this Point.. Maybe the blue? hmm..


I would love the Misty Blue!

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