Push Away the Screen: Outdoor fun on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Disclosure: The Jekyll Island Club provided us with accommodations and VIP passes for our stay. Photos, and opinions are our own.

Driving home from the Biltmore Estate last summer we began seeing signs for Jekyll Island, GA. We decided to get off the interstate and take a quick peek. It was a beautiful drive through the salt marsh of lowland Georgia and we arrived at the Welcome Center. We looked around but didn't actually get on to the island itself because a HUGE thunderstorm was moving up quickly behind us and we still had a few hour drive home, but we made a mental note to return for our yearly summer vacation. Our family has a tradition of visiting Historic places during our summer vacations, and Jekyll Island certainly fit that bill! 

My husband works a very demanding job as a Senior SharePoint Developer and one of the main reasons that Jekyll Island appealed to both of us is its miles and miles of paved biking trails, and promises of outdoor adventures!!

Jekyll Island offers more than 20 miles of pristine biking trails, with routes zigging through lush maritime forest, zagging through the National Landmark Historic District and winding along beachscapes. James brought his own bike, and the Jekyll Island Club provided the #TampaTrio and I with bikes.

We arrived at the Jekyll Island Club around 3pm, unpacked, and I kid you not, we were out cycling by 4pm. It was BEAUTIFUL!! There was a lovely breeze, and dare I say, it even felt "cool" compared to Florida!

James took off on his bike while the kids and I stopped for a quick selfie along the salt marsh. We could see a storm moving in, and we had no clue how long we'd be able to cycle. We're used to Florida storms, so we thought we might have, at best, 15 minutes before the thunder and lighting arrived, so off we went!

You can barely see Ronin off ahead in the distance. He was pedaling like crazy to catch up to his dad. Haley is in front of Ella, and Ella is turning around to look at me. I was the caboose on this part of the trail!

But not for long! Before I knew it Ronin and James were GONE, and I was left with both of the girls.

The girls and I slowed down our pace once we realized that the storms in Georgia were very different than the storms in Florida. While we might experience some rain, there was NO thunder and lightning, so we didn't mind getting a little wet!

The bike trail took us through all areas of Jekyll Island. We heard some rustling in the brush and were surprised by a deer eating so close to the trail! We see them often on our rides through the wellfield, but they just run away. This one did not. It just hung out.

All along the bike path they had educational signs describing the habitat and/or landmark that we saw.

As we cycled from the edge habitat to the building of the first island inhabitants, we knew one thing for sure.....we LOVED JEKYLL ISLAND!

Eventually we all caught up to each other and enjoyed riding back together, talking about all the neat things we'd seen.



But there was so much more to do on Jekyll Island than cycle!

We also went Geocaching! Check out all the caches to be found!

The kids and I went out and found two caches. This one was not for the vertically challenged!!

And Ella and I went out alone for some 1:1 time and found a great cache hidden near the old boat house!

In addition to cycling and geocaching, there was also the BEACH!! This was the first time the #TampaTrio had ever seen the Atlantic Ocean!

I love how they are all doing the same little dance, just having fun, trying to run away from the waves!

We also went crab hunting!! I just can not put into words how much they enjoyed just running after and catching crabs!

We also went to Summer Waves Water Park and celebrated Ella's 9th birthday!


Later that evening we went Putt-Putt golfing and saw a fireworks display. It was a great end to a fantastic birthday!

Notice the numbers....her birthday is 7-14 and she turned 9. We're clever like that. Wink

We had so much fun on Jekyll Island and at the Jekyll Island Club! I hope that we can return one day soon! Maybe they'll invite us back for their Under the Oaks Half Marathon, 10K or 5K run in October??

You can find out more information about the Jekyll Island Club HERE, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special deals!

Have you ever been to Jekyll Island, GA??

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  • Tee
    What a fun, spontaneous adventure! Fingers crossed that I will read about the Under the Oaks Half Marathon next! =)
  • I love Island vacations. We spent about 6 years in a row going to Bald Head Island in North Carolina. The pace is so slow.  
  • What a great adventure! We love geocaching here...
  • I live in Florida too but have never even heard of Jekyll Island! Looks like a great area where I will have to take my son - I know he'd certainly love the water park Smile
  • I have never been to that part of Georgia but it looks like a great family fun location.
  • I still need to visit Jekyll Island...yeah native Atlantan.  Heard so many wonderful things about it. Love your photos that bike path looks fab.

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