Things I'm loving-WIN Detergent and Harvest Snaps

I've recently been sent quite a few products to review. Some really great products!!

First, WIN detergent. As an ambassador for Fit Fluential, I was sent 2 bottles of WIN Sports detergent to try out.

I sweat a LOT in CrossFit. We workout without air-conditioning, so just standing still causes me to sweat. Through in some burpees, or wall balls, and I'm drenched with sweat before I know it!

My workout clothing always seems to have a perma stench smell.

I washed my workout clothing, and only my workout clothing with WIN. Feetures socks, Reebok shorts, and my plethora of CrossFit En Fuego tank tops were put to the test!

And you know what? IT WORKED!! My clothing came out of the dryer smelling well, like NOTHING!!

Please don't mind my "clean" dirty Feetures. I'm really hard on my socks. Tongue Out

But I love WIN for more than the reason that it got out my perma-stench.

The environment is VERY important to me and my family. We're big time tree-huggers.

WIN GREEN meets the EPA "Designed for the Environment" standards for environmentally sustainable sourcing. It is designed to meet the Whole Foods "Yellow" standard in their Eco-Scale rating system (certification is still pending.)

WIN is optimized to remove the odor-causing oils and bacteria from the synthetic fabrics used in today's sports apparel. Most detergents are optimized to get stains out of cotton fabrics. Cotton naturally repels oil, so it doesn't get the same sweaty smell as synthetics. Synthetics work so well for workout apparel because they repel (wick) water, but that means they attract oil. The buildup of that oil is what makes synthetics smell so much more than cotton.

WIN is formulated specifically for synthetics, and specifically to break the bonds between the fabric and the oils from your skin. By removing the oil, we remove the source of the smell, so your gear is truly clean. PLUS, with the oil gone the fabrics can wick moisture much more efficiently. 

WIN is biodegradable and septic safe. It is never tested on animals. The WIN bottle is 25% or more post-consumer recycled plastic, and is also recyclable. The bottle comes sealed with a foil seal to prevent leaking in transit.

You can purchase WIN on Amazon. Just click on the link below!!



Recently, I also received 6 packs of Harvest Snaps to sample and review. And let me tell you...they are OUTSTANDING!!

Harvest Snaps are designed to give you some tasty flavor while delivering essential nutrients such as Vitamin B, calcium, potassium and fiber. 

The two varieties, Lentil Snaps and Snapea Crisps are the brands and each brand offers different snacking options. All are gluten free, and in my honest opinion super yummy.

The #TampaTrio totally devoured the Caesar Snapea Crisps! It had a mild, light flavor with a very "kid friendly" crunch.

As for me...I totally devoured the Lentil Snaps Onion Thyme. I ate the entire bag for lunch. Surprised It was THAT good.

And for the husband....he loved the Snapea Crisps Wasabi Ranch. He was really hoping for something a little more spicy, actually a lot more spicy. But they were still very good.

And for the other 3 bags we received the black pepper, lightly salted and tomato basil were really delicious too. In fact...all 6 bags didn't last more than 24 hours in our house. Oops. Tongue Out

I posted pictures of the snacks on Instagram and Facebook and I was surprised by the amount of friends who had already tired these and loved them! I had never heard of them. So if you are like me to track down Harvest Snaps in your neighborhood, use the zip code look up on the Harvest Snaps web page.

This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Have you tried WIN detergent or Harvest Snaps? What products are you loving these days??

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  • We have way to many skin sensitivities and I'm too nervous try anything other 7th Generation or Method. As for the Harvest Snaps, I really do love them things. YUM!
  • I'm only using the WIN detergent for my workout clothing. That's it. Not for the kids or my husband.

    And I need more Harvest Snaps. Those things are delicious!
  • I've tried the snaps before and found them to be surprisingly good!! I like that they are a healthy snack and come in so many flavors.
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