Nutrition Seminar with Christmas Abbott

On Sunday this happened.

Yes, that's me with Christmas Abbott.

We spent nearly 6 hours together where she introduced me the way that SHE eats.

And I figure, if it works for her, and she looks like this, then why the heck not give it a try and see if it works for me.

I mean really, I don't have anything to lose except FAT so why the heck not give it a try.

It's not everyday that you get one on one nutrition advice from one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world.

She asked us right in the beginning of the seminar to not video or audio record the seminar. This means that you’ll just have to go and see for yourself what she has to say. You can sign up HERE.

She did drop quite a few words of wisdom on us, though.

1. "EAT ALL THE LETTUCE. Lettuce is like negative calories, so eat that shit up." Wink Got it, check. Consider it done.

2. Drinking juice might as well be like taking crack. It hits your bloodstream FAST, so just don't do it!

3. PRE-PLAN your cheat meal(s).  My sweet girl Christmas told me that for the next few weeks I can have only ONE cheat snack (not even a meal...a SNACK) and that it needs to be pre-planned and purpose-full. I LOVE that idea. Normally I just wing my "cheat" meals but lately they have been coming with more and more frequency.

I left that nutrition seminar with a meal plan, and a full promise of accountability from Christmas. She's responded to a few questions I've had, and after having a pretty hangry day yesterday, I'm feeling much better today (which is day 3 of the new "diet.")

I tell ya, there is just something about having someone that you look up to (well I'm taller than her, so technically she looks up to me) give you some hard love and just lay it out there. YOU TRAIN SO HARD IN THE GYM, WHY RUIN IT IN THE KITCHEN?? And it's not even that I'm ruining it in the kitchen persay....

She took one look at me and said "you don't eat breakfast do you?" Guilty. Back in "the day" when I worked full-time I DID eat breakfast. If I didn't eat breakfast I wouldn't have the opportunity to eat again for HOURS. She asked me lots of personal questions and basically tweaked my diet where it needed tweaking.

I'm feeling confident that I can make this work. I want to live a relentless life!! It's time to get out of my own way and see what I am capable of doing!

And I'm looking forward to FroYo Friday.


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  • How exciting! I'm guilty of skipping breakfast, even after a hard core run. It happens and I'm not proud of that. :-P I just get caught up in the morning routine and I forget to eat. I thought making smoothies for the kids was a win-win, but I wonder if smoothies would be considered "juice".  Does she like coconut water for the post-recovery drink or is that considered "crack" too? Getting those electrolytes back in your system is so important after an intense workout. What does she recommend for refueling?

    I'm pretty good with the cheat meals. I save them for the weekends, like a birthday party or dessert at a cookout. I allow myself that small pleasure. Drinking alcohol is a whole other issue, though. :-/
  • Coconut water is OK!! She actually recommends it as a "base" for a protein drink. The word smoothie never came out of her mouth. But protein drink did quite a few times. And that's what she recommends for post-recovery. A protein shake made with either coconut water or almond milk. And she was very specific on the amount  of grams of the macros needed for recovery!  Though she did like my idea of using GoGoSqueez as an added bonus to a protein shake. She loves fruit, not against fruit at all, she eats a lot of fruit...but real fruit. Not in the juiced form.
  • What a great opportunity & good advice! Look forward to hearing how this works for you
  • I cannot get over her name Christmas! LOL... I am sorry but around the holiday season I can just hear everyone saying MERRY CHRISTMAS... And she will think everyone is talking about her.
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