Push Away the Screen: Summer Never Has to End

Disclosure: Due to my association with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, my family and I were invited to experience a day of fun at TradeWinds Resort. No compensation was received. All opinions are our own.

 Living in Florida it seems like it is summer all-year-round. Truth of the matter is, it feels like it is. Weather wise, anyway.

But just like in every other part of the country, our kids return to school, the days get dark earlier, and eventually our weather cools down, but just a tad, and not for long.

But living in Florida means that we can get a taste of summer very quickly, even if it's just for the day.


By taking a day trip down to St. Pete Beach for some fun at TradeWinds Resort!!

We arrived bright and early and before I could even apply sunscreen the #TampaTrio were already by the water's edge longing to go for a swim!

With Splash Island Water Park looming in the distance, the High Tide Water Slide within arm's reach, and the stand-up paddleboards out on display, these three were rip, roaring, ready to go!

With our "all access" wrist bands we had full use of ALL the amenities on the property including Triple Wipe Out, Bucky the Shark, Mini Golf, Paddleboats, Bungee Trampoline, and all the swimming pools their hearts could desire!

But I am only one mama, with three very active kids, so we had to take turns on deciding on what to do. And sweet little Ella was nursing a broken rib and sore back from a fall a few days earlier, so we had to make sure to take time for her to rest as well.


Haley and Ronin each took their own board while Ella sat down and rode along as I paddled.

Haley was a PRO! She should be. We've done it before. Ronin didn't really go anywhere and I was highly amused.

Ronin really wanted a chance to ride Bucky having just watched Sharknado 2 a few weeks prior.

He didn't last long, and once again I was amused. Laughing

Then he found something that he LOVED to do and it was hard to get him off!

I'm pretty sure by the look on his face and the air under his feet that you can tell that he was really enjoying himself! He was having the time of his life and a perma smile quickly found a way to his face!

We did have to stop for an amazing lunch! Afterall, we needed more fuel to keep going for the rest of the day!

We had grilled chicken, beans, and an amazing assortment of gluten free desserts! So tasty!

An afternoon rainstorm forced us to explore other parts of the property and we found ourselves over at the Guy Harvey Outpost. WHAT A GEM!!! As a former marine biologist, and a forever ocean lover, this place was a paradise to me and the kids.

Guy's artwork was on display throughout the resort and the kids and I had a great time exploring!

We eventually found the tank from the TV show TANKED (we're huge fans!!) and the kids gazed in awe at all the local fish.

In true Florida fashion, the storm was short lived and we were back outside!

There was quite the long line for the trampoline, but eventually Haley and Ronin got their turn!

Haley played it safe and just bounced up and down as high as she could.

Ronin tends to live on the wild side and likes to look at his world upside down. Wink

Of course, interlaced between all these activities we swam in the pools, we played our own version of Sharknado, and we bonded together as a family.

We truly had a great day, and can't wait to return! Thankfully we don't have to wait until summertime!!

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