The 8 Stands Alone

Normally on Sunday I talk about my week in workouts. I did have a great week, full of squats, and my longest walk since late February, 2014.

My Half-Marathon training is going well, but I desperately need some new shoes.

On Saturday, Ronin and I were invited to participate in the 2014 Florida Suncoast Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

Just 2 weeks ago I wrote on how Ronin kicked some serious cookies at the Thin Mint Sprint, and he was so pumped for the Race for the Cure.

He kept begging me to allow him to do the 10K, but he's never run that far, so I had to tell him NO. We arrived at the race, and through he looks so tired in the photo, he was jumping around and really pumped to run!

We were running as part of Team Polar, and Team Judy. We met up with our Team Captain, Steph Gee from Orangespoken, and changed into our Team Judy shirts.

Ronin had a HUGE goal in mind for this 5K. He wanted to finish in under 30 minutes.

He self-seeded at the front of the start line. This was a TIME CHIPPED race, and it was Ronin's FIRST time-chipped race. I didn't realize how important that little fact would be until AFTER the race.

I hollered to him, "son, when you finish wait for me at the finish line." Those words would come back to haunt me.

And then it was GO time. I didn't see that little blond head until I approached the mile 2 sign and he was entering the finish chute, and I took a quick look at my watch. I started it right when the horn went off, but I didn't cross the start line until 2 minutes later, but I knew Ronin had been right up front, so I estimated his finish time around 29 minutes. If so, that means he had beaten his Girl Scout time and achieved his goal of finishing in under 30 minutes.


I liked this course. It wasn't downtown St. Pete which is BEAUTIFUL, but the parking was better, and it was closer to home. But it was a more challenging course. Lots of twists and turns, the signage was all sorts of wonky, and there was a lot of water/puddles on the course which made it slippery in some areas. But overall, still really nice. There was NO water between miles one and two, but after mile 2 there was like 5 water stations. That was kind of bizarre. But I carry my own water so that didn't really bother me too much, but I was concerned for Ronin who was going to be relying on the water stations for hydration.

I came up to mile 3, and knew I only had .10 left to go so I started jogging to the finish line. Just as my toe hit the black timing mat I hear "HI MAMA" and I look down to see this blond little cutie staring up at me.

Yes, he LITERALLY waited for me at the finish line.

He was DRENCHED in sweat so I knew he had really hustled. It was right around this time that a race volunteer came up to me and said to make sure I checked the race results because Ronin STOPPED at the finish line sign and sat down. He didn't actually cross the finish line, he stopped just short of it to sit and wait for me.

Oops. He took me literally. The volunteer noticed he had a time chip on his bib and told him he needed to cross the black mat.

I asked Ronin what his time was and he told me 28:14. He saw the clock as it was large and placed right at the spot where he sat down. So his official chip time was about 6 minutes longer than what he actually ran.

But what I love is that within a sea of double digits, THE 8 STANDS ALONE!!

I asked Ronin what he was thinking when he was running during this race and he said "the faster I run, the faster they find a cure for breast cancer." I hope so, Ronin. I really hope so.

Ronin was awarded the THIRD place medal for his finish.

But I noticed something when I was looking at those race results at home that I didn't notice at the race. Ronin was listed as FEMALE.


A check of the official results online confirmed it.


So there are TWO issues here.

1) He should have received the SILVER medal as a girl, but more importantly, 2) He should have received the GOLD medal for finishing FIRST as a boy.

And while I do appreciate that he was listed with all the top 5 finishers (which were all girls #BAM #LIKEAGIRL) he still needs the recognition that he earned, AND we need to make sure that the correct girl gets her medal.

I'm so proud of him, and proud that we were able to be RAC Pack Ambassadors, and we look forward to next year.

Now, how did I do??

A 16 minute mile pace, which is PERFECT for me at this stage of my training. I'm hoping that by December for the half-marathon I'll be able to keep that pace for the entire race.

Have you ever had race results posted incorrectly and had to correct them AFTER the fact?



EDITED!! The GOLD MEDAL has arrived!!


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