Walking a Half Marathon

I haven't posted about much of my half-marathon training because I really felt that I didn't have much to share.

There are a TON of running blogs out there on the interwebs. Bloggers who are raking up some serious mileage while training for marathons, ultras, IronMan, and more.

I felt like maybe I didn't have anything to contribute.

But then as October drew to a close and I took a look at my half-marathon training for the month, I said to myself "Jenny, you did good. You did real good. You should share this."

I've run two half marathons in the past. After my last one, Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon 2013, I injured myself. I did not follow a training plan, I just went for it. Bad mistake.

And then after the CrossFit Games 2014, I further injured myself, so running is totally out for me right now while I allow my body the chance to recover.

The idea of WALKING a half-marathon never really entered my mind until fellow Enell Ambassador, Heather of Yummy Sushi Pajamas commented that she was going to be walking the Holiday Halfathon in December.

Say what? Walking? I can walk. I love to walk. And I offered to join her! She loved the idea, and then I quickly recruited a fellow CrossFit En Fuego Mom who was interested in walking a half-marathon too, and she became my training partner.

We decided to follow the Hal Higdon training plan and started on September 15, 2014.

We did switch the days around for our long walk. The plan calls for the long walk on Sunday, but we both have families, so our long walk day is on Thursday. All of the other days we walk right after our CrossFit WOD. And since we're both pretty fit, we didn't need to adjust any of the walking times or mileage. If you are new to fitness, you can adjust the plan to make the training weeks LONGER so that you feel more prepared.

It didn't really hit me that we were putting some serious miles on our feet until I saw my distance for the month of October.

For the month of October we walked 25 times, for a total of 72 MILES!! We were both floored!!

Then I decided to see what my Polar Loop had to say about total steps!

My Loop tracked 541,340 steps and converted those steps in to miles for a total of 205.95 miles!


Double Wow.

And then I decided to look at the data from our 6 mile walk and compare it to our 7 mile walk.


Without even trying, we're getting FASTER!!

Sure, it's only 15 seconds per mile, but it's progress!!

This week we'll go for 8 miles! Oof.

I need some new shoes badly. The experts say that you should get new shoes every 500 miles. I certainly have more than 500 miles on my current Brooks, so it's time to go shopping this week.

So there you have it.

Walking a half-marathon is totally do-able. I'm enjoying the training immensely, and have a great training partner that makes the miles fly by!

Have you ever WALKED a half-marathon?

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  • Congratulations on your accomplishment.  I really need to get myself in gear to just get out and about again with walking. Thank goodness, it is cooler out.
  • I've seen plenty of people walk half marathons and marathons faster than some people run!

    Plus have you heard of the olympic speed walkers? Its amazing!

    But yes, I highly recommend getting new shoes. I have a review of the Mizuno Waver Riders on my blog. I like them for walking and running.
  • This is so awesome! Half marathons are my favorite. Whether you run or walk it, it's a BIG accomplishment!
  • I never imagined anyone walked half marathons. Two of my coworkers are running one in Feb. They know I recently started walking and suggested that I walk the half. My daughter and I have decided to do it and start the training schedule next week. I'm excited and nervous but know this is the boost I need. Seeing someone like you walking a half makes me even more excited. Can't wait to get started!!
  • October is the 5 year anniversary of my trying to be more active.  I started out my training to walk a marathon.  Maybe not the wisest choice, but I was in a go-big-or-go-home mentality.  I figured I logged about 600 miles in training and I did walk that marathon.  Since then I've walked or walked/ran 50+ different events, including 7 half marathons.  I consider it a big accomplishment to complete these events; walking or not.
  • Wow Becky! You are awesome!! How long did it take for you to walk the full marathon?
  • Wow, that is a lot of miles. Great job Jenny!  The 1/2 looks like a lot of fun.
  • Awesome job!  I walked my very first half marathon!  Disney Princess in Orlando.  It was tons of fun and I used a training program similar to yours.  Now I am training to actually run a half!  Happy Sunday!
  • Way to go!!!  I've done my share of walking in half marathons and marathons, but never walked the entire thing. God for you for taking it on!  

    My rule of thumb is to replace my running shoes every 300 miles. Depending on my mileage, that averages about every 3-4 months. With PF, you should change them before the slightest pain kicks in.
  • Wow! I didn't even get close to you this month and I'm running a half next weekend! I wa feeling unprepared but then I looked at my training for last years Wine and Dine half at Disney and I actually ran a little more and I'm faster this year than last. Plus with all the biking I've been doing on the yuba, I'm hoping I'll be alright. But kudos to you for all those miles!!! Very impressive.

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