#SmoochUrPooch with TropiClean Advanced Cleaning System Fresh Breath

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A few weeks ago I shared that we had received some products from TropiClean to help Matthew with his stinky dog breath.

Haley, my oldest daughter decided she wanted to tell you all about the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive.

Guest post by Haley Hodges, age 10.

The Tropiclean Fresh Breath (tropiclean for short) is fast, and easy! It made my dog (the stinkiest breath ever dog) have the cleanest breath ever! It made me want to cuddle with him all day. Therefore the Tropiclean makes every dog breath problem go away!! Tongue Out

Add it with water, ice, and anything else that you usually add to your dog's water. Then mix it up with a small spoon. Bring your dog over, and enjoy your "Fresh breath doggy!"

 This product made the faces of my mom, my sister, my brother, my father, and mine go like this: Surprised The dog has no stinky breath! He loves the water, and the way it tastes also! He loves his Tropiclean! Sometimes, when I give him plain water he whines, and nudges me so I know he wants his Tropiclean! THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME!!!

My, dog will always want his Tropiclean! Did I mention he loves it? Oh yeah, I did.Laughing. Matthew (my dog) kisses me a lot and that's when I realized: "Man, my dog has stinky breath!". When this was sent in the mail my heart EXPLODED with joy because he needs this really bad! Here's a little diddy I wrote for you all

When, you see the dog...

Your heart explodes then you realize!

His breath stinks! Add a little water, have everything you need!

Mix it up wow it works!


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