Atkins 40 Wrap-Up

Back in the late 1990's, early 2000's, my husband and I both tried the Atkins Diet. We didn't really know what we were doing. We didn't do any sort of online research (resources were minimal back in the day) and we checked out a book from the library. That was it.

All we really understood from the book was that we were supposed to put our bodies into Ketosis, and eat mostly animal. Bacon, eggs, steak.

And that's what we did.

3 days into the diet I got sick. My stomach did not agree with all the meat, and revolted.

The NEW Atkins plan is NOTHING like what I remembered from 15 years ago.

I spent the last 2 months researching, learning, and implementing a low carb lifestyle following the NEW Atkins plan.

You'll notice that the the pyramid emphasizes a wide range of protein sources and nutrient-dense carbohydrates, such as (most) vegetables, certain fruits, nuts, dairy products and whole grains, that have a low impact on blood sugar. One of the benefits of this approach is that the average American can follow a controlled-carbohydrate lifestyle, eat until satisfied and achieve a healthy balance of fats and other nutrients -- all without having to count portions or calories.

After the 6 weeks I really felt like I understood how to eat a low carb diet.

I even went out to eat with co-workers and ordered this amazing salad!

It came with a crunchy Cuban bread, but I asked the server to please leave it off. When the salad arrived, the bread was sitting there along the side, but I took it off and sent it away ASAP so I wasn't tempted.

The past 6 weeks have certainly been eye-opening. I haven't weighed myself, but I've felt that my energy level has been through the roof. I'm up at 4:30am every morning and head right off to the gym. And then I work all day, am home by about 6:45pm and I have not once had that 3pm slump. I attribute that to the low carb diet and exercise routine.

The Atkins Plan really opened my eyes to foods that I had NOT been eating because I thought were not "healthy."

I'm finding myself full for longer, and full of energy! I love the low carb lifestyle.

You can learn more about the Atkins Plan online and you too can become an #AtkinsInsider

Happy 2015!



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