Push Away the Screen: Summer Camp at Busch Gardens Tampa

Summer is right around the corner! Holy smokes has the time just flown by!

I'm a working mama now, so that means I need to find summer camps for my kids that will not only keep them safe, but active, and engaged.

When Busch Gardens Tampa Bay reached out to me about sending the #TampaTrio to a week of camp at their facility, I might have squealed with delight, and in all honesty, felt huge pangs of jealousy. I LOVE Busch Gardens.


Whether your kid is five or fifteen, they are ALWAYS ready for an adventure and Busch Gardens day camps offer adventures that last a lifetime! Discover what adventures await your kids this summer at Busch Gardens.

Day camps allow campers to make new friends, learn team-building skills and discover new things. A variety of camps fit kids’ interests and grade levels. From caring for animals to becoming a Counselor in Training, day campers will take on new challenges while having fun.

This summer my kids will be rising 4th, 5th, and 6th graders (again..WOW!! How did that happen??) They had some great camps to choose from!

Ronin chose Zoo Chefs where he'll lend a hand in helping feed more than 12,000 animals at Busch Gardens.

Ella chose to learn how important water is to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Adventure Island by choosing Splash Seekers camp!

Haley is going to get her hands dirty while shadowing a field researcher in the Creature Researchers.

ALL camps include:

  • Daily lunches, snacks & drinks
  • A Camp T-shirt and a water bottle
  • A complimentary photo with a Busch Gardens animal ambassador
  • Complimentary admission to Busch Gardens following camp each day for campers


You can check out all the available DAY camps for your child HERE. And the chart below lists some of the camps available for kids up through middle school.


What camps are you sending your kids too this summer??

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  • That does sound like fun. My kids are too old for camps now but they loved them when they were younger.
  • Their summer camp sounds like fun. I think my daughter will enjoy camp when she gets older.
  • That looks like such a fun camp. I wish I was young enough to get to help the zoo chefs feed the animals!
  • Sounds like a lot of fun. I have been trying to decide if I want to send my kids to camp.
  • Wow! What a camp! I wish I could go. I think it would be amazing to help make food for the animals.
  • What an amazing opportunity! Your kids are going to have an incredible time! My kids would love that!
  • i wish rosalyn was old enough. She loves Busch Gardens.  We are actually going on Saturday.  
  • I wish I had a time machine and could go back to summer camp! What fun!!!!!

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