Take Your Child to Work Day 2015

This is a guest post by my 11 year old daughter, Haley. Last year I was working full time as a lifestyle blogger and Haley was able to come with me to Lowry Park Zoo. You can read her recap about last year's experience HERE. But this year...this year I'm working full-time as a senior level librarian with Tampa-Hillsborough Public Libraries, so in 2015, Haley got to spend the day with me seeing what it's like to work as a librarian.

Guest post by Haley Hodges, age 11.

Take your child to work day is a great day to spend time with your parents. I learned that working full-time and having a family is REALLY HARD and very time challenging. But there are also a lot of benefits.

One way that it's challenging is that my mom has so many things to do during the day. Her morning starts early when she has to not only get herself ready for work, but get me, my sister, and my brother ready for school. She makes our breakfast, makes sure our homework is signed and completed, and that we have everything we need for our day.

And then she drives us to school, and then she has to drive to work.

I never realized that there was SO MUCH traffic in Tampa in the morning. My mom loves to listen to audiobooks, so we listened to one of her stories on the way down to visit with the bookmobile.


I loved meeting all my mama's staff, but once they left for the day we drove down to another library for mama to work.

That is another challenging aspect of my mama's job. She moves around a lot to help out at different libraries.

At the Bloomingdale Library they had a gift bag ready for me! It had bookmarks, coloring pages, crayons, pencils, and the COOLEST USB that you wear on your wrist like a bracelet. That thing is AWESOME!!

My mama has to do a lot at the library. She works the reference desk, helps people with computers, had to unload books, process books, put books in order, it was a lot of work.

My favorite part of the day was working on the reference desk.

I really liked being able to watch my mama in action, answering the phone, helping people find the answers to all sorts of questions, teaching people how to use the computer and printers.

My least favorite part, which started off really fun, was processing the book returns and delivery. Every book has to be checked in, and if the book is on hold, a special sticker is printed up and it goes on the book spine label and then we have to put the books in alphabetical order by patron last name, and then those have to go on a special "holds" shelf out on the public floor. It was a lot of work, and after an hour or so my brain really started to spin. I didn't want to do that anymore.

And then at the end of the day, we still had an hour or so drive home where my mom still had to cook dinner, check homework, and get everything ready for the next day.

She told me that she normally tries to go to the gym on her lunch break so she can get in her run. My mama really seems like she can do it all.

The benefits to working as a librarian are that you get to help people all day long. I like helping people, and I know that my mom does, too.

I thought Bring Your Child to Work Day was very fun. But I'm not sure I want to be a librarian when I grow up.

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  • Great post, Haley! I see a librarian in the making there!
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