Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor Review and Giveaway

Polar, the World's leading heart rate and fitness tracking company has just released their newest activity tracker: The A300

It is a beautiful fitness tracker that takes all the best features of the Polar Loop, and the Polar FT60 and combines them into this sleek, attractive wrist computer.

Not only can you change your band (multiple colors), but you can log your daily activity, have your device alert you if you are inactive too long, measure your heart rate, track your sleep, count your steps and measure your progress.  

The A300 is also waterproof so you can continue to wear it during all your upcoming water based activities this summer!

The A300 shows your steps, distance, and burned calories, and motivates to reach your activity goal. If you stay still for too long, the A300 will vibrate telling you it’s time to move again.


It also syncs to MyFitnessPal (ios only at this time, but android is coming soon!!)

Are you curious about how you use the A300 for all your activity tracking?

This handy video explains it all!


I was sent an A300 to try out and I loved it. But I'll be honest, I'm a big GPS user, so the M400 is just a better fit for me. I do wish that the M400 could change out the colors like the A300 can. That is super cool.

The A300 is very similar to the M400, just minus the GPS. So if you are more of a treadmill runner, a crossfitter, a group fitness class taker, etc., than this is the product for you!

And because I love Polar, and I am #PolarProud, Polar wants me to give one of YOU your very own Polar A300.

Just follow the rafflecopter link below for your chance to win! And remember that you are #MADETOMOVE 


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  • I would love to win the A300 to give to my husband for our anniversary coming up. I have the M400 and make near-daily use of the GPS and know the A300 would be perfect for him as he recovers from achilles rupture repair and is just starting to be able to be back in the gym.
  • I would LOVE to win the new polar A300!! I have a FT60 now and use it religiously. But love the features this one offers, I'm not a runner, but can't get enough of my group fitness classes!
  • I would love this bc my Polar just died! I've had it for a long time so it may be it's way of telling me time for an upgrade. I love wearing my Polar to make sure my heart rate doesn't get up too high, and I love to know how many calories I've burned in a workout. All the extra stuff this one does would be an awesome addition.
  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! my polar ft7 died like 2 years ago and I really need a replacement!! I've had this and the polar M400 on my amazon wish list for months!! I workout every day and I would really love to know the calories Im burning.
  • Wow - what an awesome giveaway! I've been wanting to upgrade my FT4. The A300 looks amazing! Love that it syncs to MFP too! Thank you for the chance!
  • I would love to win this because it stinks to have to remember to take my fitbit off before I get in the pool. I just know it's going to drown this summer!!
    Also, I'm going to start tri training so this would be cool for that!
  • I've been thinking it's time to upgrade from my Polar FT7, and this definitely looks like the right choice for me! I also love that it tracks steps and distance and vibrates to keep you active. It's like my Polar and Jawbone UP24 in one!
  • Jenny your generosity is amazing! I would share this with my husband if I win!
  • I would love A polar! I am a data nerd! I love information and especially fromr my workouts!!😎
  • I would love to win it because I am a fitness instructor and my students often ask how many calories we burn in the different classes.  It would be nice to have a Polar to tell them what I burn.
  • I have the F4 and really have enjoyed it would love to upgrade to keep up with my gym Peeps.
  • I would really love to win one...I have been back to running and would love to wear this oneSmile pick me pick meSmile
  • This would be amazing! #MadeToMove
  • Great giveaway! Sharing with my cross-fit sis
  • You have my attention!
  • I'd love to win, I used to have a BodyMedia but gave up after having to pay the subscription after 2 years, I love that these don't have monthly subscriptions and you get all your data right there in front of you.  Love the feature of it telling you to get moving also....I really need that lol.
  • I would like to win because I need to amp up my runs. I'm stuck where I am. I lost 60 pounds, but I have almost 100 to go.
  • I am just getting back into the swing of things after having my son. Doing great so far...first half marathon end of this month...woo hoo! I have a FitBit right now but I find I leave it everywhere so not sure how much good it is doing me. I would love to win this and give myself just a little more advantage. Thank you
  • I have never tried something like this.  Maybe this will encourage me to move more!
  • I would love to win a Polar a300! I used to own a Polar FT4 and I used it for over 2 years until it eventually started messing up and I haven't been able to afford a new one! I really miss using a fitness tracker/ heart rate monitor because it always helped me push a little harder during my workouts - it was like my workout buddy! I've been in a rut with my workouts lately and I know winning a new polar would really help me again! I have already lost 45 lbs with eating better and working out and the polar would really help my with the next 25 lbs of my weightloss / fitness journey! Thanks for the opportunity! I have been reading up on here and the FB page and you are very inspirational!! xoxo
  • I want to track my personals goals to getting fit
  • Would love to be able to up grade my current monitor.
  • I have been training for distance races these last couple of years, and where as I have been able to track my runs, I have NO IDEA what my fitness looks like the rest of the time! If I am really serious about this running thing (which has helped me lose 35 pounds!) I need to start looking at ALL my activity!!
  • I wanna get moving.
  • I would like to win this Polar because I would like to keep track of more than just my steps when I exercise.  
  • I'd love to upgrade from my current monitor.
  • I gave my other Polar band to my husband, and I'd like one too!
  • I would love to win this A300 so i can track my fitness progress, and also it would help me stay motivated.
  • I would love to win one to help kick my fitness up a notch, I struggle with learning to run and with if my workouts are really pushing me sometimes...
  • I had twins 6 months ago and have been back to exercising for several weeks now, this would be GO GREAT to track my progress!
  • I think it would help keep me motivated and to challenge myself more, as I'm trying to get back into exercise.
  • I would love to keep track of my fitness levels.
  • I would love to have a device like this that can track my fitness progress and help me set realistic goals.
  • I had one similar...but lost it! I love being able to track how hard I'm pushing myself!
  • I would love to win this!!! It would help me so much. I don't own anything like it.
  • i would love to win the Polar A300.  I currently don't have s tracking device other than my watch.  It would be great to track treadmill and other workouts in addition to walking/running!
  • I would LOVE to win the new polar A300 because I am training for a full marathon and want to get in shape!
  • I want to win so I can track my daily workouts.
  • I would love to win this because I am trying to watch my weight and track my progress.
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