What I'm Reading Wednesday

This has been a slow reading week for me. I was only able to finish one book this week, but it was a good one!!

The Rosie Effect is the second book from Graeme Simsion. The Rosie Project was his first book and this book picks up where the other left off. Well, not right where the other left off. Rosie and Don are now married and have moved to NYC for Rosie to finish her MD and PhD, and Don is working at Columbia University (where Rosie is also going to school.)

New characters are introduced, and a more human side of Don is displayed. 

It was really a fun book, and I highly recommend it.


I also started (just last night!!) Buried Prey by John Sandford.

Patrons at my library branch are always checking out books by John Sandford, but I don't think I've ever written anything by him, so I picked this one. It's got me hooked. I just started chapter 6, and I'm already super curious what is going to happen! From the author: "An entire block on the edge of the Minneapolis loop is being torn down for development, when an unpleasant surprise is unearthed: the bodies of two girls, wrapped in plastic, underneath an old house. It looks like they've been down there a long time. Lucas Davenport knows exactly how long.

In 1985, Davenport was a young cop just about to be promoted out of uniform, despite a reputation for playing fast and loose with the regulations. A local hockey hero, a womanizer, a superb undercover guy, he was part of the massive police effort that followed the kidnapping of two girls who were never found again, dead or alive. Eventually, the case was closed.
But not for Davenport. Now, with the bodies discovered, he has the chance to investigate the kidnappings all over again, and the deeper he probes, the more one thing becomes clear: It wasn't just the bodies that were buried. It was the truth."
So that's what I'm reading these days. What are you reading???


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  • Hi Jenny, Thanks for stopping by my log. I saw you are a librarian and have a weird ?  Last October I checked out a book about Word Press, then I lost it. I renewed repeatedly hoping to find it but didn't.  I was billed, but am out of work so could not pay.  It went to collections.  Now the weird part, my son, who is away at college in Boca Raton called, they just moved to a new 'fraternity' house.  He has the book!!!  I know the library used to have 'Free no penalty just return the book and we wipe all the bad stuff away days', do they still do that? Should I wait to return it with no penalty, that seems silly to me.  I miss the library :-(  Thanks, Carlyn Smile
  • Hi Carlyn,

    When you bring the book back the library they *should* waive the replacement fee, and the collection agency fee, but you will still be responsible for the overdue fee of $5. But that's way better than the $40 currently charged to your account!! I also recommend that you bring the book back in person, don't just put it in the drop box.

    Hope that helps, Jenny
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