The #TampaTrio and the #DriveMazda 6

In early August the #TampaTrio and I had the opportunity to test drive a brand new Mazda 6 thanks to Drive Shop USA. 

It was beautiful!

Check out that color!

I have never owned a red car and I loved it. The kids and I named her Ruby. 

For a week Ruby drove us to and from summer camp, work at the library, to a meet the teacher day at their brand new school, to Haley's middle school orientation, and Matthew the #bigyellowdog had a say in the vehicle too!

I know that I've mentioned that I currently drive a sedan. A Mercury Sable to be exact. It's fine. It's 11 years old, has 180,000 miles on it, has more bumps and bruises than I can count, but it does its job. It gets me and the kids to school and work without any issue.

And I know that I've mentioned that I desperately need a new vehicle. I need something BIGGER but that won't break the bank, and won't mind  a little bit of dog hair and trio mess.

As I mentioned above I drove the Mazda 6 all over town. One morning I had to drive out to meet the Bookmobile, and snapped a photo so you could see the size of the Mazda 6 compared to a bus. 

The Mazda 6 is just a little bit smaller than my Sable (Snow White.)

But it was still big enough to fit the trio plus all their back to school junk, with plenty of room to spare in the trunk!

I apologize for the foggy quality of this photo. It was so HOT and my camera lens fogged right over when I got out of the car and the trio didn't want to cooperate for a re-take.

On this visit I also brought along Matthew. Matthew, plus the three kids was a VERY TIGHT fit. In fact, Matthew and the three kids couldn't all fit together in the back, so Haley sat in the front, and the airbag turned itself off.

There were so many great features with this vehicle!

The i-ACTIVESENSE technology in the 2015 Mazda 6 was awesome. With features like Blind Spot Monitoring, Forward Obstruction Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Smart City Brake Support, the Mazda 6 is a step above the rest. With as much highway driving as I do, I really appreciated the feature that alerts the driver with a blinking light in either mirror when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

And living in Florida I also appreciated the automatic windshield wipers. I'm not exactly sure how they work, but they did. As I was driving home from work one evening, a sudden rainstorm came on, and my wipers automatically adjusted based on how hard/fast the rain was coming down. That was really pretty cool.

Again, driving all over Tampa from libraries at one end of the county to the other, I was really able to see how well this vehicle did on highway gas mileage. The literature stated that the vehicle should receive 40MPG on the highway. I did not get that. I averaged 28. 

I also really liked the backup camera. But I couldn't figure out how to connect my phone via blue tooth. The Mazda 6 just couldn't seem to find my phone, so I had to listen to my audio books on CD instead.

Sitting in the drivers seat really had me feeling like I was driving a sports car! The seat contoured to the shape of my body and I felt that I was sitting very low, like a race car. It also had a sunroof, but it was just too hot to give it a try.

But there is one more family member that I haven't talked about. And that is my husband. James is tall. 6'4. We went out to breakfast on Sunday morning and as I was driving us out of the parking lot, I went over a speed bump. I wasn't going too fast, just a normal drive over a speed bump. Well, as you know when you go over speed bumps you tend to go "up" a bit in your seat. Well, James went UP and OUCH. His head hit the top of the car. We hadn't realized it earlier, but he had really no clearance between the top of his head and the top of the car. So keep that in mind when you are out shopping for a new car. Make sure you drive it over a speed bump. Tongue Out


When shopping for a new car, what feature is most important to you and your family??

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