What I'm Reading

This week I have been all over the place in my reading.

I finished Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. 

I have loved Drew Barrymore for YEARS and this book further cemented that. She writes from the heart and is just someone so very likable. I wish she were my best friend. Highly recommend. It was a very different book than other celebrity autobiographies I have read this year. It wasn't as laugh out loud funny as Bossypants or Yes Please, but I did laugh quite a few times. It wasn't as serious as Troublemaker, though there were quite a few serious passages, and it was just way better than Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (I did not really like that book at all).

I have also been reading a Lucas Davenport novel; Invisible Prey by John Sandford. I've read a few of these books and they are always a good pick when I am in-between novels and something that I can come back to when a book I've been waiting for becomes available. 

I've also been reading a series that only recently came on my radar. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. 

This is the first book in a trilogy which includes The Glass Magician (Book 2) and The Master Magician (Book 3).

I just finished chapter 4 and expect that over the Christmas Holiday (I am off for 4 days) I will finish book 1 and probably book 2. It's an interesting story and I am really enjoying the dynamic between Ceony and Thane. 

What are you reading? Have you read The Paper Magician trilogy?

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