Ringling Bros Circus and Monster Jam-Tampa 2016

WOW!!! What a crazy whirlwind week it has been!

On Saturday January 9 we were invited to attend the Ringling Bros Circus and on Saturday January 16 we were invited to attend Monster Jam.

Both of these shows are produced by Feld Entertainment so for simplicity I'm going to discuss both of them in one post.

First, the circus.

This is a yearly tradition for us. One that dates to 2005 when our oldest child had not even turned a year old.

This year, we were two family members short Cry Ella got very very sick in the middle of the night the night before the show. Daddy took one for the team and stayed home with her while I ventured out with Haley and Ronin. Because of Ella not feeling well, the kids and I stayed at home for as long as possible so that Ella wouldn't feel like she was missing out on too much. We pretty much arrived just as the show was starting.

The opening was fantastic, as usual. But this year they had changed the format of the show, which was great for us! They had all our favorite performances BEFORE intermission.

We saw the Globe of Steel which is a family favorite!!

We saw the Lions and Tigers!!


And we saw the Elephants!


This year the elephant show was totally different! The audience was informed WHY the elephants perform the "tricks" that they do, and how those tricks would correspond to a natural movement that they would do in the wild. I really appreciated that bit of information.

Because Ella was sick, we left at Intermission. We stopped along the way and bought her a t-shirt, though. She was sick for the next 2 days. Poor little miss Surprised


But she wasn't sick for Monster Jam on January 16!!

We joined up with our friends and had a big kid party!! This was our friend's first time at Monster Jam and they loved it so much!!

The trucks were very exciting, and we all loved how El Toro Loco was driven by a woman AND she won the truck donut contest!! #LikeAGirl


It was loud, it was fun and of course...GRAVEDIGGER WON!! It was hit or miss there for a little bit! He got "hurt" and was pulled off the course. They said he wouldn't return, but of course HE DID...AND HE WON!!!



We had so much fun at both events, but having all 3 kids present at Monster Jam made this event our favorite this year! And it's not too late for you to get tickets to Monster Jam because they'll be back in Tampa on February 6 at 7pm. You can buy your tickets HERE.

We're already looking forward to next year's events and I'll be pumping all my kids full of Vitamin C leading up to the event! We can't have anyone missing out!


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