Polar Ambassador Giveaway! Win a Polar M400 or A360

I'm so happy to announce that for the fourth consecutive year I have been selected as a Polar Ambassador!!


I am so honored that Polar choose me back in 2012 and continue to honor me with the newest heart rate technology!

These days I'm loving the Polar A360 and the Polar M400. I love the A360 because it requires NO CHEST STRAP!! It makes it so super easy to just get active and GO! It tracks my sleep, my steps, my heart rate, and displays all the data IN COLOR in a very sleek wrist unit. And starting next month you'll be able to change out the strap colors! I am super excited about that!! 




But the M400, oh the sweet M400. 

I LOVE this unit. Just like the A360 it tracks sleep, steps, activity, etc...but it does not have interchangeable wrist bands and you have to wear a chest strap. I do (sometimes) miss the GPS feature on the A360, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons for me!


But here's the exciting news....

I'M GIVING AWAY A POLAR M400 in PINK OR POLAR A360 in WHITE TO ONE LUCKY READER!! In honor of Valentine's Day, I want YOU to take care of your heart, and I know that one of these wrist units can help you! It's MY gift to YOU!


Simply leave me a comment telling me which unit you'd pick and why.

I'll pick a winner on February 29th!!

Good luck!


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  • What a tough choice to make! I don't mind a chest strap since the only time I'd be concerned about HR is during exercise. SO I suppose that means I'd pick the A400! I've always longed for a Polar, so I really wouldn't be picky ;)
  • Either would be awesome, I have always wanted a heart rate monitor!!
  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the A360 because it doesnt require a chest strap!! that would be so awesome! I love my polar watch but alot of times i hate messing and adjusting the chest strap!!
  • I would love to win then I will definitely get my booty back in runningSmile
  • I love this!  I so want a Polar A360.   It looks amazing!   Thank you for sharing and being so inspiring
  • Love your blog and I love polar products!
  • I would love to win this Polar Watch.
  • I would love to win either! I need all the help I can get staying on track with health and fitness
  • Such a hard decision!
  • Such a hard decision!
  • I've heard such great things about Polar and I've never bought a tracker for myself. id be grateful to win either !
  • I would choose the 360 because I have a polar now and I dislike the chest strap
  • I have an older Polar Heart Monitor...  Very accurate.   It just needs to be retired....
  • It's a hard choice...I would love to try Polar!  But I would probably choose the A360 so I wouldn't have to mess with the chest strap.  But either would be awesome.  Because I have a son who had heart problems, I need to be more aware of my heart rate when exercising. Thanks for the chance to win.
  • It is a hard choiceโ€ฆ I would love to win a polar monitor.  If I had to choose, I would probably pick the A360 because I wouldn't have to mess with a chest strap. Because I have a son who had a heart problem, I probably need to be more aware of my heart rate when exercising. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fantastic price!
  • The a360 because no chest strap!!
  • I would love to win either one!  I have been wanting a heart rate monitor, was thinking about asking for one for my birthday.
  • I would love either. I'll let you decide. Wink
  • I would love to get the A360. I have a basic polar which I love. However, it has started acting up lately. I need monitor to track my heart rate since it gets pretty high when working out. Also would love for it to help with tracking my time when I'm walking. Thanks.
  • I would love to win this for a friend who deserves an amazing fitness tracker!
  • I'd like the A360 as I've had too many problems with the chest straps reading my heart rate.
  • I would love to win this Polar Watch! Thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway. Smile Fingers crossed!
  • Ooh - A 360! I would love to try the HRM without the strap. That is the reason I never wear mine! (Chafing!)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    PS - added you to my giveaway round up!
  • I would love to win either but I have heard so many good things about the A360 and not needing the chest strap and how easy it is to use.
  • I have followed you for a while and you are so inspiriing. A pink Polar would definitely help me as I work through my weight loss and fitness journey. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
  • Great giveaway! Not something I need but will spread the word
  • I would love to try one of these.
  • I would love to try one of these.
  • I would love the A360. I have the m400 now, but would LOVE the option to track heart rate without the strap. The A360 also looks very sleek, especially compared to the somewhat bulky m400.
  • I am not picky at all I'd be blessed to get either one. I just wanted to let you know you are a great inspiration to me. Thanks so much for all the motivational posts!
  • What a great giveaway! I'd love the white 360!
  • I want one
  • That A360 sounds great.  I haven't worn a Polar HRM since my last one broke.  So having a new one to track sleep and my HR would be phenomenal.  
  • I would like the A360 because it doesnt require a chest strap. I hate wearing the chest strap!
  • KV
    I'd choose the Polar M400 watch.  Thanks for the giveaway!
  • The A360 sounds amazing! I have always wanted to use a heart rate monitor, but never have invested in one with the chest strap. Smile
  • I  would prefer the A360 but honestly would take either. I am trying to become healthier  this year . I have started running last year and continue to try to push myself to go farther. Thanks for th giveaway .
  • jen
    I would LOVE the 400 because I needs GPS/heartrate all in one!  
  • Would love the m400, need a HRM
  • The white. I need to get in shape and am starting to run more on a treadmill again. It's too cold outside. This would give me a comparison to the tread,I'll and help motivate me. Thanks  for the chance
  • Ben
    The A360 would be great since it doesn't require a chest strap
  • I'd choose the A360 since it is slim and requires no chest strap
  • I'd LOVE to win the A360!!!! The east of use without the chest strap sells me.
  • i have been trying to navigate the whole smart watch lines... I know that more are coming out without chest straps. I wonder if Polar will. I love this pink watch. thanks
  • The A360 because it does not have a chest strap.
  • The A360 because it does not have a chest strap. That makes it so much easier to use!
  • I would choose the Polar A360 because I could not handle a chest strap!
  • PINK!!!!!!!! My favorite color and I would love to be able to track my work outs! Smile
  • I would love the Polar A360. I really want to start running using heart rate training and I can't wear a chest strap...too much chafing. This would be perfect! Congrats on getting selected as an Ambassador again!!
  • I would LOVE the new polar since it doesn't require a chest strap!  That is what has held me back from getting one!!!
  • I'd choose the A400.
    I'd love a better way to track my exercises. I've wanted a Polar for a long time
  • I would totally pick the A360. I have the M400 and LOVE it, but the chest strap. Oh man. I broke down and got a FitBit Surge because of the wrist heart rate monitoring + GPS but it makes me miss my Polar computers so much. My life would be complete with a wrist Herat rate version of M400, but until then the A360 plus the M400 I already own would be amazing!
  • I would love the A360 activity band! Not having to wear a heart rate strap is amazing!
  • I would use either. I loved my polar that I had for years. My husband recently bought me vivosmart but it's just not the same. My polar was always precise with no issues. I'm used to strap ones, I find them to be more accurate in my opinion. Winning one of these would be amazing!! Smile
  • I would love The polar A360 to track my heart rate and activity without a chest strap!!
  • Eeekkkkkk!!!!!!  I've been doing so much research on these devises!  I would love love love....to win!  I'll take either!  I'm not picky. But white does have my attention a bit more ๐Ÿ˜‰  Stay FIT!
  • I would absolutely love to win the A360! I have been wanting to incorporate heart rate training but cannot stand the idea of the chest strap.
  • A360 for sure! No chest strap would be amazing since I seem to always forget mine. Never fails I get to the gym and realize I forgot the strap to my watch.
  • DJ
    I would love the POLAR A360. I just love the features. I really want a hear monitor for running and I like that it also tracks your quality of sleep. Very neat!
  • I would definitely pick the A360 if for just the interchangeable straps alone. I am one that NEEDS change. The lack of a chest strap = BONUS!
  • I would choose the POLAR A360 in WHITE. I'm not a huge fan of a chest strap. Chaffing-- YUCK.
    I would LOVE this to bump my training to the next level. I know staying in certain levels during running is important, having a way to actually track it would be awesome-sauce.
  • I would love to have the POLAR A360. I am not a fan of the chest strap so this would be a great option.
  • I would choose the  A360 because it requires no chest strap.
  • I would like the A360 because the Polar I have now have the strap. But I won't mind to have either one.
  • I'd definitely try the 360 -no chest strap is a winner!  I had a Polar long ago and loved it... even with the strap.  It withstood all my abuse. Smile
  • So hard to choose!  I think I would go with the A360 but not 100% sure.
  • Loving the versatility of the A360!
  • I have been a dedicated user of polar products for over 3 years now. My Polar RS100 assisted me in loosing 60+lbs. As I research products, I see I am in a desperate need for an upgrade. I like the look of the A360 as well as not needing a chest strap. However, I would miss the connection of the chest strap syncing to my bike in RPM, therefore I also like the M400. But, if I had to pick between the two, I would pick the A360!  
  • What a great giveaway! I'd want the POLAR M400 in PINK because A) my Garmin died on me, B) according to DC Rainmaker its a great watch (better than the Garmin 220), C) it's a GPS, activity tracker and regular watch and D) it's pink Smile
  • I'd definitely love the 360! I'm training for my first race and would love this!
  • I would pick the A360 for the interchangeable straps.
  • I would pick the A360 for the interchangeable straps
  • I would go with the Polar A360 since I already have a GPS watch for running and would like something to wear the rest of the time.
  • I'd pick the A360- love the look and that you don't need to wear a chest strap. I'd use the heart rate monitor more often for sure!
  • Great giveaway! I'm loving the new heart rate watches that do not have a strap. It would be awesome to win this one. I've never tried Polar but of course I've heard good things about them. I would love the white one. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and congrats on being an ambassador for them again.
  • Would love the A360! Being able to balance not only the training but the "off time" to keep me on point as I tackle some big challenges may just be the missing key I am looking for! Thanks for always inspiring everyone
  • the 360 would be awesome!
  • They are both so awesome! It's hard to pick, but I think I would pick the A360 in white! I have love a heart rate monitor to help me monitor and work out at the proper rate. I just started running again and this would be a great item item to track with.
  • I'd LOVE the Polar A360. I'm not that big into running, so I'd like a general fitness tracker / heartrate monitor. Polar is a great company, I've met with a few of their representatives at conferences and I'd love to own one of their products! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I would choose the Polar A360 because I love the idea of the no chest strap!
  • The Polar A360 looks really cool. Both would be amazing. I love that it can track heart rate.  
  • A360 for my tennis training
  • I seriously would be happy with either of them but I really love the 360. This would be great for my hikes
  • They both sound wonderful and I have always wanted a heart monitor   The 400 has the GPS which I love but the A360 look fantastic too.  So hard to pick. Probably the 400 for the GPS but still kind of want the a360, ah so hard to pick.
  • i would love to try the white one because it doesn't require a chest strap but beggers can't be choosers Smile
  • I love the A360.  The features are great and I like the slim design.  Some of the watches I've tried on are just too big for my wrist and this one looks just right.
  • I'd love the a360. I love running and tracking my progress
  • I'm a keep-it-simple kind of person, so that makes me think that the A360 would be a better choice. The only fitness trackers I currently have are smartphone apps but I would love to have this for when I go running.
  • either one.
  • Ooh the M400 would be awesome!
  • I've really been wanting the a360. I borrowed my sister's for a bit and fell in love.
  • Like some of the other commenters, I would choose the A360 so I don't have to deal with a chest strap.
  • AER
    I'd love the A360! It looks amazing and I'd love to try it out!
  • Ann
    I love the sleek look of the A360. I've lost 10 pounds so far this year and would love the polar to track my activity
  • I would LOVE the A360 as I really would love to be chest strap free!  to be honest, my favorite color is pink but the white one is also great.  Would be amazing to win one of these gorgeous handy watches!
  • I would love to win the polar m400. I'm training for Tink 2016 and I feel I could need a little extra pixie dust to help me finish my training and what better way then the polar m400 giving me that push and helping me succeed!!!!
  • I'd love to win the Polar M400 for my wife, she loves pink. Aside from the color, she could really use a device to track her activity. She has recently gotten back into running and I think this would give her an extra boost to take it to the next level, maybe a half marathon!
  • I would love to win the A360! I've never used a HR watch/strap/monitor. Wearing a strap doesn't sound very appealing. Maybe because I think just about everything is itchy. LOL. I've been reading about running based on your heart rate and it sounds like son I'd like to try while I'm training for my first full marathon on June 4th! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • holy moly!!!

    POLAR A360 ,,,with no HR strap please Smile
  • I think I would go with the A400, because the GPS would be appealing to me! Then I've got all my bases covered Smile
  • I would LOVE to win the Polar A360 (white)! I am running my first half marathon this spring and being a graduate student, I have not had the funds to purchase one. It would be so useful in my training and I love the fact that it doesn't have a strap you have to wear!
  • I'm not a huge fan of the chest strap so I would pick the Polar A360
  • Like many others, I'm not the biggest fan of the chest straps plus I love the style of the  A360  so I would definitely choose that. My friends are running a half marathon so I'm planning on running with them and would love this
  • either would be awesome but if I had to choose I would pick the A360
  • I would definitely choose the POLAR A360 in WHITE as I have a very petite wrist and it will both look and feel more comfortable for workouts.  Thank you so much!
  • The White Polar A360 would be great for my runs. Thanks so much!
  • I would pick the Polar A360 because I love that I wouldn't need a chest strap, and I like the style better! thanks for the chance!
  • POLAR M400 would be my choice.  Love the trackers.
  • I'd love the Polar A360. It's so pretty.
  • I love that the A360 doesn't need the chest strap, but the GPS is important to me.  I'd pick the M400 if I won Smile  Great giveaway and congrats on being an ambassador again!
  • I love the look of the A360 and that it doesn't need a chest strap, so that would be my first choice.

    However, I would be just as psyched to use the other one - love the color!
  • Kay
    I'm so torn. I love pink but I love the specs of the a360 so I would have to pick that one.
  • I'd go with the A360 because of the built in heart rate monitor.
  • I really like the A360 because it seems easier to use but I'd be happy with the 400 as well! Thanks for a chance to win ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • I would pick the POLAR A360. I like the sleeker design of it.
  • They both look awesome, but I think I would have to choose the A360 since a chest strap isn't required.  I'm a bigger girl and hate having to try to fit things, such as chest straps on me.  :/  The A360 just looks a lot more accommodating.  
    Congrats on being a Polar Ambassador again!  Woohoo!
  • I would like the GPS on the A360, but both are good choices! I don't know!
  • I would have to say the A360. It looks super hot and sleek for one. The other reason is that it doesn't require a chest strap. I sweat A LOT during workouts and runs. A chest strap would cause too much chafing for me.

    I am in need of a heart rate ttracker for more reasons than just the fitness aspect. This would be a life changing win for me!

    Congrats on being an ambassador again!
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