Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival The Commodores #CorksandCoasters

No joke. I LOVE The Commodores!

When I saw them listed in the lineup for the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival I was giddy with excitement.

The only other performance that even caught my eye was Andy Grammar which was on the same weekend as The Commodores and I knew I'd have to work one of those days, so I held my breath to see which performance I'd get to see. I crossed my fingers, my toes, my everything and hoped it would be The Commodores. 

And my day off was on SATURDAY!! I was so excited. And so were my kids. But not only did we get to see The Commodores, we had VIP seating and a Meet and Greet opportunity complete with a photo!

It was so amazing!!

Despite that a steady drizzle was going on throughout the concert, I would totally go back and do it again. Though I'd likely bring an umbrella along. But again the rain didn't slow anyone down! Hundreds of people were singing along with "Easy" and "Brick House" (myself included) along with another dozen or so of the The Commodores most loved hits. They even mentioned that they came on the music scene in 1974. I would have been 3 years old. Makes perfect sense as when I think about the music of my childhood, The Commodores make up most of my soundtrack. 

I've had TWO great concert experiences at Busch Gardens: The Steve Miller Band and The Commodores. Priority seating is totally the way to go at Busch Gardens. You are so close to the band and it's nice to be able to sit down after walking through the park all day.

Have you been to the Food and Wine Festival this year? Did you stay for a concert? Which one did you see?  

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  • Hey there! Looks like you had an awesome time! I'm going to one of their concerts coming up and have VIP seating as well. No one seems to have much info on it though? Is there a certain time to be there to be sitting right up front? Can those in the vip priority seating stand up during the performance? Thank you so much! Glad you had a great time yourself!
  • Hi Brandi!

    There is about 10 rows of VIP seating (metal benches). You won't have much of an issue with getting a good seat, but you could show up around 5:45pm just to be safe Smile

    It's totally okay to stand up during the performance. I danced throughout most of Steve Miller. The Commodores was a bit of a different story since some of their music is more "mellow" and since most people were sitting during the mellow songs, I sat too.

    Have fun!!
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